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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Few of the Many Events Going on This weekend

Are you looking for something to do this weekend. Here are a few suggestions. The Fred Ford ride has some awesome prizes lined up for their winners the best hand will receive a nice sum of cash and the next winner will receive a party at a local wing house and it goes for a good cause. Whatever you do have a great weekend and thanks for making us part of your biking life.

1st Spring Open House
at Johnny Stdko Motorcycle on Forst Rd in St Louis, MO

1st 2nd Annual Fred Ford Memorial Run
sign up 11 to 1 at Sit-N-Bull New Memphis, IL

2nd Blesing of The Bikes
BallWin VFW 115 Mimosa LN Ballwin MO Disciples of War

2nd Blessing of the Bikes
Columbia Park in Park Hills, MO from 10 to 5 PM

2nd Bears From Bikers Poker Run
sign up at Shannon's in Tilden IL

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Come on Out to Geo's

Finally Thursday has arrived and it looks like the weather will be off the charts. Sop why not grab a bunch of your friends and come on out to Geo's and make some new ones. Geo's at 4307 West Main St in Belleville, IL has the largest bike night in the region and has for 4 years running. come find out what your friends already know Geo's is the place to go.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Call to Action for Missouri Voters

This email was sent to me earlier please respond if you can.

Please take the time to write, e-mail, call, and/or call you Senator and DEMAND that SJR25 be passed and the freedom of choice remains in the vote of the peolpe’s hands! This Senate Joint Resolution is referring to our freedom of choice in health care, and if we do not have our voices, our votes, accounted for NOW...I don’t foresee it being pretty. Seriously, this is a crucial point in history and Missouri can make it happen! Passing of SJR25 will next go to Supreme Court, so passing of SJR25 right here in Missouri could very well help the rest of the nation. It cannot be vetoed by the Governor, as it will be a constitutional amendment. This is all good in the House; the fight for the pass is in the Senate, as only one vote can filibuster this thing.

I shouldn’t have to sit here and beg you to do something so little as a few moments of your time to contact your Senator for such a vital issue that WILL affect the rest of YOUR LIFE…but I will… to ensure that all 2,825 of my closest friends have my back on this and actually do this thing! This will be on the Senate floor this Tuesday, which just so happens to be a Capitol Crusader Day (May 4th); I will be there first thing in the am (I normally do not show until Afternoon Session on Tuesdays). Please, contact your senator and ask, plead, implore, beseech, pray, insist, demand… (don’t beg…grin)…that they pass SJR25 and make sure to thank them, too. Below is a summary of this Resolution. Thank you for your time.


Katherine Cashell --

Upon voter approval, this constitutional amendment provides that no federal law shall compel a patient, employer, or health care provider to participate in any government or privately run health care system, nor prohibit a patient or employer from paying directly for legal health care services.

This amendment does not affect laws or regulations in effect as of January 1, 2010, affect which health care services a health care provider is required to perform, affect which health care services are provided by law, or prohibit care provided under worker's compensation.

Free Wings at Fairview Heights, Il Show-Me's

That is correct if you ride your motorcycle to the Fairview Heights Show-Me's tonight or any other Wednesday Night for that matter. Larry and his lovely staff will feed you wings for free. Talk about a great deal. I will be there probably around 7:30 hope to see you there. Thanks for making us part of your biking life.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Weeks Bike Nights

Wednesday CTs Night Bike Ride
Call Paul at Dave Mungenast Motorsports for info

Wednesday Show-Mes Wingsday Bike Fest
Fairview Heights location on Lincoln Highway only

Thursdays STUNNA Thursdays
At Paradise 1, 615 Missouri St East St Louis, IL (618) 482-5578 DJ

Thursdays Bike Night at Bikers Corner
at 1924 N Vandeventer Ave in St Louis, MO

Thursdays Hardriders
call their hotline (314) 340-2000 for info

Thursdays Bike Night at Geos Wings and More
on West Main in Belleville, IL from 6:30 to 10

Friday Bikes, Beers and Bonfires
at Chasers on Dutch Hollow Rd. $1.50 Dom LN

Saturday Bike Night
at Fatboys in DeSoto, MO